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Keith Richards: Crosseyed Heart

“He may not forcibly claim this ground here but that’s the appeal of Crosseyed Heart: it’s a winningly low-key record, where the atmosphere matters more than the songs, yet Richards doesn’t neglect writing tunes this time around.” -Allmusic.com Check our Catalog Listen Now

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“Even with the uncertainties of a first-night performance, these musicians are itching to play together; and, as the tape traders know too well, by the end of this two-week run this group would be rattling the rafter. For veteran fans, it’s fascinating to hear their more tentative beginnings here.” -Allmusic.com Check our Catalog

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Gary Clark, Jr: Blak and Blu

“On Blak and Blu, most of Clark’s tunes are solidly rooted in the blues, but he’s also folded in hearty servings of hard rock, funk, retro-soul, and even a dash of hip-hop, and the way he lets the flavors mix is a big part of what makes this album work so well.” –All Music Guide […]

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