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Cream: BBC Sessions

“This compilation of 22 Cream BBC tracks from 1966-1968 marked a major addition to the group’s discography, particularly as they released relatively little product during their actual lifetime… Given Cream’s tendency to over-improvise on the band’s live concert recordings, however, the concise nature of these BBC tracks (none of which exceed five minutes) makes them […]

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Cream: Live Cream

“Foreground and background seem to dissolve as all three musicians take charge, using the full range of their instruments. And where Bruce goes with his bass, especially on ‘Sweet Wine,’ is every bit as rewarding as the places that Clapton’s guitar takes us; and Ginger Baker’s playing is a trip all its own. Performances like […]

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Cream: Live Cream, Vol. II

“On its face, Live Cream, Vol. 2 is a more ambitious album that its predecessor, offering more songs and including concert versions of two of the group’s AM radio hits…. And it is just about essential listening for anyone who wants to understand what Cream was about, which was live performance…. [T]he album is a […]

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