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Motörhead-Clean Your Clock

“Clean Your Clock is raucous and raw, with the set captured as it was played, with a lot of energy and passion along with some minor imperfections.” -Loudwire.com/Chad Bowar Check our Catalog Listen Now

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Iron Maiden: The Book of Souls

“Who would have thought that after decades Iron Maiden would have an album as fine (let alone as long) as The Book of Souls in them? With repeated listening it earns shelf space with their finest records.” -Allmusic.com Check our Catalog Listen Now

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Judas Priest: Redeemer of Souls

“Judas Priest have been looking for redemption since their 2008 concept album, Nostradamus, fell flat with fans. Their follow-up goes back to guitar-bludgeoning basics on songs that explore vengeance, virility and Valhalla – classic metal themes that might feel tired if it wasn’t for the fact that Priest are one of the bands that helped […]

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Motörhead: Aftershock

“In the history of music, there are few true mavericks on the level of the legendary Lemmy, a man who seems to do his own thing without any concern for what anyone else thinks about it. This level of confidence has made Motörhead a timeless institution in the world of rock & roll, and on Aftershock, the band’s 21st […]

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Black Sabbath: 13

“13 comes closest to recapturing the desperate feel, plodding grooves, and unparalleled metal magic of those first classic Sabbath records than anything the members of the band have done since, in any permutation or combination…. The influence of early Sabbath has become so omnipresent that it’s come back to influence its very creators four decades […]

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