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“Foley’s nasal yet emotive voice and Karp’s raspier edge would seem to be unlikely companions but the contrasts work and even balance each other out. It helps makes this a logical, perhaps less ambitious but ultimately more organic follow-up to their revealing debut and indicates that for these two, in life and music, perhaps the [...]

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Gary Clark, Jr: Blak and Blu

“On Blak and Blu, most of Clark’s tunes are solidly rooted in the blues, but he’s also folded in hearty servings of hard rock, funk, retro-soul, and even a dash of hip-hop, and the way he lets the flavors mix is a big part of what makes this album work so well.” –All Music Guide [...]

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Janiva Magness: Stronger For It

“Janiva Magness hasn’t recorded any of her own compositions since she cut ‘Good Car’ on It Takes One to Know One, her 1997 debut. Here she makes up for lost time with three compelling co-writes with producer David Darling. The tunes are some of the most potent on an album with no shortage of powerful [...]

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