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New Order: Music Complete

“Even making an allowance for Hook’s glaring absence, Music Complete is still a watered-down and uninspired album by a band that lost the plot long ago and can now only capture an occasional glimmer of what made it so great in the first place.” -Allmusic.com Check our Catalog Listen Now

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Simple Minds: Big Music

“Big Music finds Simple Minds coming full circle — going all the way back to 1979 for inspiration. They’ve rediscovered the urgent, keyboard-driven post-punk futurism of recordings such as Empires and Dance and Sons and Fascination. Rather than try to merely re-create them, they’ve integrated them with the more guitar-centric classicism of New Gold Dream, […]

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Blondie: 4(0)-Ever

“Blondie 4(0)-Ever bundles together two albums, a collection of new material called Ghosts of Download, and Greatest Hits Deluxe Redux, a re-recorded set of Blondie favorites….As for Harry, her vocals are cool, stylish, and well-controlled” –All Music Guide Check Our Catalog Listen Now

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Pet Shop Boys: Electric

“[T]his taut, electro-disco wonder kicks off with the Kraftwerk-meets-Giorgio Moroder highlight ‘Axis’ and stays in the zone with both icy cool productions from Stuart Price (Madonna, Seal, Kylie Minogue) and a bpm count that remains high with nothing coming close to a slow dance ballad….An excellent, unexpected, and infectious triumph.” –All Music Guide Check Our […]

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The Heavy: The Glorious Dead

“The Heavy’s third studio album, 2012’s The Glorious Dead is a bombastic acid rock, funk, and blues-soaked album that sounds like the illegitimate offspring of the Black Keys and Gnarls Barkley… The Heavy delve into various punk, dance, and blues-influenced sounds including the manic garage rock meets mariachi band anthem ‘Just My Luck’ and ‘What […]

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