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“[A]s a band, Elbow reflect this comfortable reckoning with their own nature, letting sadness creep at the edges but favoring a warm, enveloping melancholy that turns the album into a soundtrack for healing, not wallowing.” –All Music Guide Check Our Catalog Listen Now

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Warpaint: Warpaint

“‘Undertow’ was one of the highlights from Warpaint’s debut album The Fool, and it still describes and defines their sneakily captivating approach and appeal. Their songs circle around themselves like smoke, creating a seductive haze….Expansive and enveloping at the same time, this set of songs puts Warpaint’s past and future in perfect balance — one […]

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Yo La Tengo: Fade

“[F]luidity and cohesion is what drives the songs on Fade to stand stronger as a unified mood, and one that grows more satisfying with repeat listens. By this point, Yo La Tengo have developed not just a style, but a voice of their own so distinct that the deeper the details go determines how strong […]

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