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Stromae: Racine Carree

“At first look, Stromae’s pumping Euro-disco with a dash of hip-hop and world music may seem fairly indistinguishable from offerings by many others artists on the Continent. As incongruous as it sounds, what sets Stromae apart from his peers are actually his lyrics — something that you do not hear too often (read: never) when […]

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“Crosby is a competent singer in French, though he certainly wouldn’t fool a native speaker. Just as in his long period of cutting singles for Decca Records, he is game to try his hand at nearly any style of pop music, and his name alone should be enough to sell this pleasant collection, particularly in […]

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Vanessa Paradis: Love Songs

“[T]his is the very first Paradis record where she sounds like a full partner with her producer rather than the singer he illuminates. While she doesn’t leave pop behind here, she pushes its envelope — and her own — attaining a diversity that we couldn’t have imagined from her previously.” –All Music Guide Check Our […]

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