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Tag Archive 'Gangsta Rap'

T.I.: Paperwork

“It is… the most excited he’s sounded to be rapping since┬áPaper Trail. His voice and flow patterns are so inimitable they run the risk of becoming sound effects, but he’s pushing himself out of familiar cadences and revisiting some of the demented, spitfire youthful energy that used to make him unpredictable.” –Pitchfork Check Our Catalog

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Pusha T: My Name Is My Name

“With Pusha’s pen at full force and his performance a proper combination of cold and tense, the album is as if Clipse’s Hell Hath No Fury were atom-smashed into something more artful and unstable. My Name Is My Name is a remarkable and vital solo debut.” –All Music Guide Check Our Catalog

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“This journey through the concrete jungle of Compton is worth taking because of the artistic richness within, plus the attraction of a whip-smart rapper flying high during his rookie season. Any hesitation about the horror of it all is quickly wiped away by Kendrick’s mix of true talk, open heart, open mind, and extended hand. [...]

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