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The Who: Tommy

“Townshend’s ability to construct a lengthy conceptual narrative brought new possibilities to rock music. Despite the complexity of the project, he and the Who never lost sight of solid pop melodies, harmonies, and forceful instrumentation, imbuing the material with a suitably powerful grace.” –All Music Guide Check Our Catalog

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Billy Squier: Icon

“All of Billy Squier’s big hits… are featured on this 11-track budget-line comp. Hardcore fans may notice a few smaller hits and deep cuts missing, but this should satisfy most listeners and fans as it delivers a lot of bang for not much buck.” –All Music Guide Check Our Catalog

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Jimi Hendrix: People, Hell and Angels

“The surprising thing about this set is not the sound quality (which is exceptional) or that these all sound like finished tracks, but the fact that even avid Hendrix bootleg collectors are unlikely to have heard most of this material… People, Hell and Angels certainly isn’t the place to start your Hendrix collection, but collectors [...]

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