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Beverly: Careers

“The strength of the songs and the powerful energy with which the duo deliver them help them escape any charges of ripping off the past. Careers isn’t a nostalgia trip, it’s an excellent example of noise pop at its best….Judging from her efforts here, whatever she does next should be worth checking out.” –All Music [...]

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The Raveonettes: Pe’ahi

“If Pe’ahi is a tribute to Sune’s father, it’s a warts-and-all portrayal of a turbulent relationship, but one delivered with a tenderness and intensity that propels the very concept of the retro garage duo into a fresh sonic stratosphere. Drop in, it’s an exhilarating descent.” –NME Check Our Catalog

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Dum Dum Girls: Too True

“Dee Dee and her crew are determined to test the self-set boundaries of their sound, and even if it won’t always work the attempt will always be interesting. If they keep making records this emotionally powerful, hook-filled, and easy to listen to as this, their future is very, very dark and promising.” –All Music Guide [...]

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Yo La Tengo: Fade

“[F]luidity and cohesion is what drives the songs on Fade to stand stronger as a unified mood, and one that grows more satisfying with repeat listens. By this point, Yo La Tengo have developed not just a style, but a voice of their own so distinct that the deeper the details go determines how strong [...]

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