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Little Mix: Salute

“The sophomore full-length album from Little Mix, 2013′s Salute, showcases the British all-girl group’s bright, high-energy pop music….Ultimately, while Salute retains all of Little Mix’s infectious, teen-friendly ingredients, it reveals a new recipe for fans whose palates have matured right along with the band.” –All Music Guide Check Our Catalog

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Daughtry: Baptized

“DAUGHTRY has never allowed DAUGHTRY to be silly before this record. This relative lightness makes a big difference — it also helps that the music itself is relatively nimble — and, ultimately, this turns Baptized into the best album he or his band has made. He’s updated his sound just enough to stay relevant but, [...]

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One Direction: Take Me Home

“One Direction deliver another immediately catchy mix of dancey pop that maximizes the group’s shared lead-vocal approach and peppy, upbeat image. This album highlights even more than their previous one how much One Direction’s mix of punchy guitars over snappy beats, handclaps, and bright synthesizers has in common with the positive, fun-loving tone of ’70s [...]

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