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“Def Leppard dove into the classic-albums-in-their-entirety trend via an 11-date residency at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, performing 1987’s Hysteria from start to finish, adding other classic hits to round out the set….Def Leppard show their glam rock heart, which is one reason their music has aged so well and why it still sounds […]

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Aerosmith: Gold

“[T]his remains a pretty good, but not perfect, overview of latter-day Aerosmith, containing hits, album tracks, concert favorites, rarities, non-LP B-sides, and cuts only available on compilations.” –All Music Guide Check Our Catalog

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Kiss: Monster

“As Kiss approach 40 years of ridiculously dumb rock & roll fun, it makes sense that their 20th studio album, Monster, is more self-referential than anything. …[F]or the innumerable fans of multiple generations who grew up with and lived their glory days listening to Kiss, the familiarity is what will make the record a keeper. […]

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