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Blink 182: California

“The guys have grown up and the results are as catchy and enjoyable as anything they ever did in their youthful heyday.” -Allmusic.com Check our Catalog Listen Now

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“If one could draw a Venn diagram with Southern California punk-pop giants Green Day on the left and British boy band sensations One Direction on the right, the circles would most likely intersect to create Australia’s 5 Seconds of Summer….5 Seconds of Summer have crafted an album of songs that stick in your head like […]

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Green Day: ¡Tré!

“Arriving earlier than expected but last as planned, Green Day’s third album of 2012 concludes their pop-punk trilogy… [T]here’s a bittersweet undertow to ¡Tré!, a feeling underscored by Armstrong’s rehab: he could no longer continue trying to recapture his youth, but dammit if he doesn’t come close to doing so at times throughout ¡Tré!” –All […]

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