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Alabama Shakes: Sound and Color

“On their 2012 debut Boys & Girls, Alabama Shakes never hid that they were creatures of the New South — a band with old-fashioned blues, soul, gospel, and country in their blood but raised on modern rock. On their 2015 follow-up, Sound & Color, they free themselves from the vestiges of the past, let loose, […]

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Benjamin Booker: Benjamin Booker

“As soon as Benjamin Booker’s eponymous 2014 debut kicks in with a skittish guitar run and a primal garage beat, it’s clear the guitarist — a native of Tampa Bay who spent time in New Orleans before heading back to Florida — is unapologetic for the debt he owes to Jack White. Like the Black […]

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Jack White: Lazaretto

“It’s the densest, fullest, craziest, and most indulgent that White has sounded with or without Meg—almost pointedly so, as though he’s trying to shake the minimalism that defined the White Stripes….White invites us to see the craft here, to notice the seams, to consider the contrasts….In its volleys of nimble-fingered riffs and its willy-nilly combination […]

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Band of Skulls: Himalayan

“Released in 2012, Sweet Sour saw the bluesy Southampton guitar rock trio moving out of the garage and into a flat, offering up a lustrous, loud, and wistful (yet still gritty enough to evoke a few White Stripes comparisons) set of moody English alt-rock confections….Once again, Band of Skulls have proven that they have the […]

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The Black Keys: Turn Blue

“Turn Blue, the 2014 successor to their down-and-dirty international blockbuster El Camino, is… a churning psychedelic excursion that slowly pulses in any color you like….Turn Blue impresses because it does what all great bands should do: it captures a band stretching while always sounding like themselves.” –All Music Guide Check Our Catalog Listen Now

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Hanni El Khatib: Head In The Dirt

“Building off of the sound of his reckless and grimy debut, Hanni El Khatib returns with a somewhat more polished sound for his sophomore effort, Head in the Dirt….[F]or all of its weirdness, this album feels more like a pop record than his debut, and… it feels a lot more put together, bearing a lot […]

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