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Tag Archive 'Punk Blues'

Band of Skulls: Himalayan

“Released in 2012, Sweet Sour saw the bluesy Southampton guitar rock trio moving out of the garage and into a flat, offering up a lustrous, loud, and wistful (yet still gritty enough to evoke a few White Stripes comparisons) set of moody English alt-rock confections….Once again, Band of Skulls have proven that they have the [...]

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The Black Keys: Turn Blue

“Turn Blue, the 2014 successor to their down-and-dirty international blockbuster El Camino, is… a churning psychedelic excursion that slowly pulses in any color you like….Turn Blue impresses because it does what all great bands should do: it captures a band stretching while always sounding like themselves.” –All Music Guide Check Our Catalog Listen Now

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Hanni El Khatib: Head In The Dirt

“Building off of the sound of his reckless and grimy debut, Hanni El Khatib returns with a somewhat more polished sound for his sophomore effort, Head in the Dirt….[F]or all of its weirdness, this album feels more like a pop record than his debut, and… it feels a lot more put together, bearing a lot [...]

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