January 2022 Exhibit

The Intersection of Art and Science

John Greiner-Ferris


The exhibit space is located on the first floor next to the fiction books on the south west side of the building.


Garlic RootThese archival digital images, printed on Japanese washi paper, were made with a USB microscope my marine biologist daughter, knowing my love of image making and nature, gave to me. This simple microscope sells online for about twenty dollars and magnifies up to 1000x. It has a focus, a way to raise/lower LED light, and it records files as JPEGs at 72 dpi. These images are both artistic and scientific, and show how easily anyone with twenty dollars and a digital device can explore nature and make art.

Art seen through nature is all around us. Just one example—the images of the sprouting garlic clove I found on my kitchen cutting board—shows beauty through color, shape, and tension of forms as well as the incredible mystery of the life of a plant. I especially want art and science teachers to see this, but also anyone who is curious about the beauty found everywhere in the world around us.


Instagram: johngreinerferrisstudio


John Greiner-Ferris Bio:

I am a writer, a photographer, and an artist, this third word I use to encompass everything else that the two other more specific words don't embrace.This site encompasses all the visual work I do.

For years, to pay the bills, I worked as a corporate and freelance photographer/writer, using my artistic skills in the commercial world to make money, while making art at night and on the weekends. It wasn't the best situation. In 2007 I inexplicably put down the camera—these things sometimes happen in the arts, these unexplained long-term departures. During my hiatus I made the choice to dedicate myself fully to the theater, an art form I felt would take advantage of all of my artistic and political interests and talents. I earned an MFA in playwriting, formed two theater companies, doing everything from fundraising to sweeping the stage. (I co-founded Boston Public Works Theater Company and founded Alley Cat Theater. Plays produced in Boston, New York, Provincetown, Chicago, Raleigh, and Los Angeles along with other, smaller cities; developed at Boston Playwrights Theater, The Inkwell, and Great Plains Theater Conference. Twice a semi-finalist at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Conference--2012 and 2020. Nominated in 2018 for Best New Play, Best Set Design, and Best Lighting Design from the Independent Reviewers of New England.)

My work has been financially supported by The Boston Foundation ($15,000 LAB Grant for daring, new theater); Eastern Bank Trust Grant, and The Bob Jolley Charitable Trust in support of new work. Twice I've received Artist Merit Grants from Vermont Studio Center.

At a residency in Vermont in January 2017 while working on a play, just as inexplicably, I again lifted up the camera and picked up where I left off.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the ensuing quarantine gave me the time to do something I had been yearning to do for a very long time: create 2D mixed media. My artwork merge my abstract visual world with my writer world, allowing me to use words and visual in a different context than when they are used on a printed page or when they are spoken.