Local Organizations and Attractions

  • Adams National Historical Park
    Designated as part of the National Park Service in 1946 to commemorate the distinguished men and women of the Adams family who dedicated their lives to the development and service of the United States, the thirteen-acre park comprises: the birthplaces of John Adams and John Quincy Adams; the Old House at Peace field, home to four generations of the Adams family; and the Stone Library.
  • Adams Family Papers
    This electronic archive presents selections from the most important manuscript collection held by the Massachusetts Historical Society.  Digital images of the letters exchanged between John and Abigail Adams, John Adams’s diary, and John Adams’s autobiography are presented alongside transcriptions.
  • Abigail Adams Birthplace
    Built in 1685, the Abigail Smith Adams (1744-1818) birthplace was home to this exceptional woman for the first twenty years of her life.  It has survived two relocations and now stands as a monument to her extraordinary life.
  • Dorothy Quincy Homestead
    A National Historic Landmark, the homestead is significant for its role in early American history, for its architecture, and for its Quincy family association. The property, located at the corner of Hancock Street and Butler Road, is part of the original land that Edmund Quincy acquired for a farm in the 1630s. The present house, dating from 1686, was enlarged and enhanced over a period of more than 200 years.
  • Quincy House
    Built in 1770, Revolutionary leader Josiah Quincy and his family played key roles in the social and political life of Massachusetts for generations, producing three mayors of Boston and a president of Harvard. In the early 1880s, Eliza Susan Quincy made it her life’s work to document the significance of her family’s home. Today it is a National Historic Landmark featuring extraordinary examples of New England furniture.
  • Church of the Presidents
    United  First Parish Church, once known as the Old Stone Temple, has a rich  history in both the social and religious community.  Known today as the Church of the Presidents, United First Parish Church is the burial place of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams and First Ladies Abigail Adams and Louisa Catherine Adams.
  • Nut Island
    With beautiful views of harbor vistas and easy bike and car access, this little peninsula is ideal for a day spent by the sea.  Previously used by colonists to graze cattle, Nut Island now works in conjunction with Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant and is a popular fishing destination.
  • USS Salem
    The third USS Salem (CA-139) is one of three Des Moines-class heavy cruisers completed for the United States Navy shortly after World War II.  Commissioned in 1949, she was the world’s last heavy cruiser to enter service and is the only one still in existence.
  • Quincy Historical Society
    Founded in 1893 by local citizens led by Charles Francis Adams, Jr., Quincy Historical Society is dedicated to preserving and promoting knowledge about the full range of Quincy history.

Local Newspapers (Microfilm)

Patriot Ledger1837 to current
Quincy Aurora1843 to 1846
Quincy Advertiser1884 to 1914
Quincy Monitor1886 to 1898
Quincy Daily Ledger1890 to 1915
Quincy Telegram1909 to 1927
Quincy Evening Telegram1913 to 1927
Quincy Enterprise1920 to 1922
Quincy Evening News1928 to 1937
Quincy Sun1968 to current

Local Newspapers (Online)

Patriot Ledger2000 to current
Quincy Daily Ledger1890 to 1915
Quincy Monitor1886 to 1898
Quincy Patriot1837 to 1915
Quincy Sun1968 to 2021

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