1000 Books Before Kindergarten: Become a reading superstar!

Did you know that the average picture book takes only five minutes to read? You might think that 1000 books sounds like a lot, but by reading just a couple of books a day with your child, you’ll be finished in no time! You can even count books more than once, for those favorites your child wants to hear over and over.

Why read 1000 books before Kindergarten?

  • Reading builds vocabulary. 
  • Reading exposes children to new situations and experiences. 
  • Reading aloud provides children with a reading role model. 

Every book read to or by your child counts! 

  1. Make an account on Beanstack. Call Children’s Services at 617-376-1300 x4 if you have any questions.
  2. Register your child for 1000 Books Before Kindergarten in that software.
    Make sure to grab the Beanstack app for your smartphone so you can use it to easily add books to your list!  
  3. Now you can start logging books! 
    • After registering, come into the library to get a copy of Rosemary Wells’ Read to Your Bunny.
    • At 100 books, come in and get your 1000 Books Before Kindergarten book bag!
    • Each 100 books means you get a sticker to take home and a sticker to add to the library’s 1000 Books Before Kindergarten banner.
    • If you finish before Kindergarten, come in for your certificate and, if you’d like, your child’s photo!