How to Become a Student

Call (617) 376-1300 x5 to set up a time to meet with us by phone or online. This meeting will give us the information we need to match you with a tutor. A match is based on:

  • Making arrangments so you and your tutor can meet online or by phone
  • Days and times convenient for you and your tutor
  • Your needs and interests

The Massachusetts Department of Education requires that you take a skills assessment before being matched with a tutor. The MAPT test or the TABE test is given upon intake and again after 30 instructional hours.

Meeting Your Tutor

After you are matched with a tutor, you and your tutor will meet once a week for two hours per week at a time and place convenient for both of you. Students and tutors meet at locations throughout the South Shore, usually in public libraries with private space.

Learning Basics

You are here to learn and your tutor has volunteered to help. Learning happens best in an environment where you can thrive. For a successful and productive learning experience, please follow these basic guidelines:

  • Attend each week. It is critical to success. You can’t learn if you don’t attend.
  • Arrive on time. You have only two hours a week to meet. Don’t waste the opportunity.
  • Keep your mind open to new learning techniques.
  • Accept that reading and writing are learned skills that take time and practice.
  • Persevere. Adults have jobs, families, health concerns, changing work schedules and lots of other problems to deal with that make learning harder. With dedication, you can succeed!
“Now I am beginning to learn with the help of my wonderful tutor. Soon I will not be afraid to fill out job applications. I will get a job. I will feel like I have wings to fly.”


Please call us at (617) 376-1300 x5. All calls to this number are private.