Running November 1–November 30th:

From her early days spent in High School art classes to hours spent learning and practicing new techniques, Kathleen Leach has been a life-long student of the arts. Having taken delight over the years in studying sculpture and oil painting, it was in the Spring of 2017 that she first turned her talent to the less common medium of colored pencil. Striving over the years to hone her skills, Kathleen has since found success in local art shows with her vibrant and detailed pieces and has won several awards from both the Braintree Art Association and Quincy Art Fest. Many of the works displayed here took direction from photographs Kathleen saw and was inspired by, and she often finds herself compelled to create despite not always knowing the best way to capture the texture and lighting in pencil. It is through these studies that she has been able to perfect these techniques, and the realism she’s able to create in her animal drawings in particular have become the cornerstone of her works today.

Kathleen grew up in Melrose, and now lives in Braintree. She is a mother of six and takes joy from focusing on her family and art. You can reach out to her for commissions and see more of her art on Instagram @pink.violet.k or on Facebook @pinkvioletart.

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